From our fruit producing partners the lorries bring the fruit through our imposing hand carved Transylvanian entrance gates and deliver to our site, over ramps to the cellar level stores.

Here the delivery stays for a few hours protected from the sunshine, rain and wind dust and the actual preparation process has almost begun. Other than the few hours when distillation takes place every other step at our distillery happens underground which ensures that change in temperature is minimal. This is a unique practice in the history of  palinka distillation.

If necessary the fresh fruits are washed and the stones and stems are removed before the fruit is ground to a pulp. The fruit pulp is then pumped into a stainless steel tank (3) where it is intensively stirred. Here the adjustment of the ideal pH, the dosage of the proper types of yeasts and their nutrients, the anti-foaming, the enzyme helping the desolving of sugars and aroma-materials occurs. After these technological steps there is no other human intervention until the palinka is ready.